DOOSAN encourages and supports young artists and their innovative endeavours.

Opened in 2007 in celebration of the 111th anniversary of Doosan Corporation, Doosan Art Center presents an eclectic range of performances and exhibitions at its three venues— Yonkang Hall, Space111 and Doosan Gallery—while providing support for newly discovered young artists active in their respective fields, from musical theater and drama to music, dance and fine art.

Doosan Yonkang foundation is a non-profit organization established in 1978 in honor of Doosan’s late founder Too Pyung Park (pen name Yonkang, 1910-1973) who had devoted his life to fostering new talent. Doosan Yonkang Foundation is involved in various initiatives for social contribution through the arts, including the management of Doosan Art Center; research grants; scholarship programs; international survey trips for school teachers; education welfare programs; and a book donation program.

Doosan Yonkang Foundation (