2017 Doosan Art Center Program Download PDF


16.12.16~03.05 MUSICAL Romeo and Juliet


Doosan Art LAB
01.05~01.07 Relay Lecture Performance Glass Mirror
01.12~01.14 Play Zero-sum Game
01.20~01.21 Media Performance Deep Present
02.10~02.11 Multidisciplinary Triangular Structure
02.16~02.18 Play Alternative Home Ecological Report
02.23~02.25 Multidisciplinary Cut/ine
Doosan Humanities Theater Series 2017 : Conflict
03.25~03.26 Dance Dancing Grandmother
03.28~04.22 Play Sister Mokran
05.02~05.14 Play Death and the Maidenn
05.23~06.17 Play Die Gedanken sind Frei
03.03~03.19 Play Shim Chung
07.25~08.27 Play Venus in Fur
09.05~09.30 Play New Work by Doosan Artist Award
10.10~10.31 Play Co-Presenting Project 35
11.07~11.26 Play New Work by Artist Incubating Program
12.05~12.25 Play Elephant Man,bo Series

DOOSAN Gallery

01.11~02.18 Exhibition DOOSAN Curator Workshop Exhibition Things: Sculptural Practice
03.01~03.29 Exhibition Bae, Yoon Hwan
04.12~05.27 Exhibition Doosan Humanitiese Theater
06.07~07.05 Exhibition DOOSAN Curator Workshop Exhibition-Mobile
007.19~08.19 Exhibition DOOSAN Art LAB
08.30-09.27 Exhibition Lee, Hoin
10.18~11.18 Exhibition Park, Gwangsoo
11.29~12.23 Exhibition Kim, Heecheon
01.26~02.23 Exhibition DOOSAN Curator Workshop Exhibition Shame on you
03.02~04.06 Exhibition Oh, Min
04.13~05.11 Exhibition Kang, Jungsuck
05.18~06.24 Exhibition Choi, Xooang
07.06~08.31 Exhibition Group Exhibition
09.07~10.05 Exhibition Kwon, Yongju
10.12~11.09 Exhibition Jangpa
11.16~12.28 Exhibition Yoon, Hyangro
Education Program
03.20~06.05 Education DOOSAN Humanities Theater: Conflict
07.05~08.23, 10.25~12.13 Education Oh, Min
07.15~08.05 Education DOOSAN Art School for the Youth
10.16~11.07 Education DOOSAN Art School for Kids
01.09~01.23, 08.14~08.28 Education Small Talk of Nighttime
Year-round Education Backstage Tour